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We are very glad to introduce our new website Dampathi.com, as a means to serve the society for the noble cause of marriage.

Shastras stress the importance of marriage; people don't take the subject of marriage seriously. It should be to the contrary.

In Sanskrit, Marriage is also called "Vivaah." The meaning of this word is responsibility. When the person takes responsibility seriously then he or she is ready for marriage.

Unfortunately, there is too much irresponsibility, haste actions leading to unfortunate events like divorce.

We are interested in giving importance to this topic recognizing that marriage is not for a short duration but for a life time.

According to Shastras, the wife is considered as Saha-Dharmini, life is considered Dharma Sadhana and for that you need a partner-a Dharma Patni or Dharma Pati.

If you take that perspective, life will be harmonious and peaceful.

You may realize, marriage helps with curbing ego. It teaches us to cooperate, coordinate,and live together. Live and Let Live becomes the nature.

One should compromise after marriage. There is nothing wrong with it. Compromise itself is life. Understanding itself is life.

Before getting married, one should think extensively and decide on fit of mentalities, nature, values and only then should you marry. Now a day only beauty of body is considered, this is a fallacy. Marriage is responsible work.

Marriage is not for two people but for the families. The whole family is marrying the other family. Hence bride or groom should consider the views of the families and accordingly we should select the spouse who aligns with the values and respects tradition.

Marriage is not just living the outer life but the inner life as well.

Given the significance, we intend to highlight values of this holy union and that is why we started Dampathi.